how it all started

The Baking Room

From a small start up into a full time job: down into memory lane!


Early in 2018, while I was still going to ALBA for my Masters of Fine Arts, I started The Baking Room to make up a little money on the side of my allowance.

Now you must know, that my family is a sweet tooth breed and I always enjoyed my time in the kitchen trying out different recipes from my mom’s cookbooks. Then on my 23rd birthday, I received a professional Kenwood mixer. It was then and there that I decided to turn my passion into a business.

The Baking Room’s start was a smooth one, there was no blood, pain and tears like the start up dramas you hear about. Probably because I had a supportive environment and realistic expectations, we were patient with our dreams and consistent with showing up for them.

Just like a first baby coming into the family, everybody was involved: my mom was my personal chauffeur driving me around delivery addresses, my dad was the most reliable and critical taster, Maya offered bestseller recipes like our lemon cake and cheesecake, Reem took care of logistics in the harder days and Mohamed was the most adventurous business advisor.

We created a logo with Hind Hallab that was aligned with my background in architecture, got our basic tools from a local shop and started off with an Instagram page. We struggled with packaging and printing until we finally got it right with eco-friendly plastic free packaging. During the economic crisis we drove to the weirdest places in Lebanon to get the exact same brown sugar we use in our cookies and smuggled Nutella jars from supermarkets in Tripoli as if it were a felony. To get our butter in a bulk, we tasted so many different kinds from different sources until we could literally feel our arteries block :D. And the list goes on…

Four years later, we hadn’t compromised any of our top quality ingredients even if this came at the expense of higher price tags. We have a bigger family of loving clients trusting us with their most special celebrations, key workers producing and delivering treats to homes all over Lebanon and coffeeshops in the North and an e-commerce website automating timely orders and deliveries.

In 2022, I’m filled with gratitude for the past, present for today and looking forward for tomorrow. Thank you for riding along!


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